TWA Flight 800, H.A.A.R.P.
and the Philadelphia Experiment

The real reason TWA Flight 800 was destroyed

Pierre Salinger, respected journalist and former press secretary for the Kennedy Administration, was convinced to go public with a document posted on the Internet by a person "inside the Government" who has high level connections to the TWA Flight 800 investigation. The Document in question described the release of a missile from a Navy ship with an Ageis Missile system in a Navy exercise area off the coast of New York's Long Island in an area known as Warning Area 105.

I have information regarding the real information hidden within the document. I cannot reveal my identity for fear of endangering my life. Several witnesses on the night of the explosion, including the pilot of a New York Air National Guard plane, reported the sighting of "an orange streak of light" descending toward Flight 800. Some have speculated this to be a missile, others a meteor and some conspiracy people have suggested a UFO. None of the above are true. The truth of this matter will be so startling that you will not believe it at first reading but you will eventually have to accept it as fact.

The "streak of light" was an electro-magnetic-temporal ribbon that sliced through the atmosphere on the night of July 17th, 1996. This ribbon was created as a result of the conjunction of several top-secret government scientific experiments involving Einstein's Unified Field Theory (UFT) and the effects of high electro-magnetic frequency waves on portions of the atmosphere to warp into existence a rift in the space-time continuum.

At 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, two large antenna arrays, the first one in the state of Alaska known as the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) and the second in Norway known as European Incoherent Scatter Radar site (EISCAT), were activated to study the creation of temporal anomalies in the Earthís atmosphere by altering the magnetosphere of the Earth in a way to cause such intense fields of magnetic compression within an area to warp a rift into the space-time continuum. The purpose of the project was to create this rift to study Einsteinís Unified Field Theory. Several sites across the Earth were selected for the creation of the rift in areas away from civilian centers and airline traffic.

The target area was to be over the center of the Atlantic Ocean and was to be studied by top-secret Military Atmospheric Information Satellites (MAIS). Several other attempts at this experiment failed due to miscalculations within the internal sub-processors of at least three Cray-3 super computers stored at the HAARP site. Once the sub-processors within the Cray-3's were replaced and several maintenance and calibration checks were performed, the system was at full operation on the night of July 17th, 1996. The facilities of HAARP in Alaska and EISCAT in Norway were simultaneously put into operation.

Once the experiment was started the rift was created, it was only visible to the MAIS satellites and the American and European Governments scientific personnel stationed at HAARP and EISCAT. This experiment was a success until TWA Flight 800 intersected with an invisible "temporal axis" left permanently in place by two previous experiments by the U.S. Government to study Einsteinís Unified Field Theory. If a line were drawn across the Earth to connect these two sites of previous experiments, one end of the line would end in Philadelphia Harbor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the other in Montauk, Long Island.

Philadelphia Harbor was the location of an Unified Field Theory experiment on August 15th, 1943, known as the "Philadelphia Experiment". A Navy Destroyer Escort known as the U.S.S. Eldrige (DE 173) was outfitted with large electromagnetic Tesla coils for an experiment involving "radar invisibility". The first test of the ship was a success but a second test on that fateful day would prove fatal to many crew members who would man the ship. According to classified ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) files, the U.S.S. Eldrige underwent a dramatic change once the experiment was under way. The ship, was surrounded by a green haze of electromagnetic energy and the Eldrige vanished in splaying light into the space-time continuum.

Echoes of the Eldrige were scattered all over the space time continuum both in the past and the future in the proximity of both high electromagnetic fields and temporal distortion fields. One echo appeared in the previous port of the Eldrige, Norfolk, Virginia. The ship re-appeared in Philadelphia with several crew members burned, some phased and combined with the super-structure of the ship and others who vanished or were able to walk through walls and one man apparently traveled through time to the year 1984 as you will see later. Several more echoes of the Eldrige have appeared since 1943 and would be significant in the events that followed later.

A second experiment to study Einsteinís Unified Field Theory took place in Montauk, Long Island in the summer of 1984. This experiment was meant to be an improvement on the original Philadelphia Experiment. This project would also have dire consequences that would endanger the Earth itself. The experiment was activated and in hyper-dimensional space, which has no time what-so-ever, the effect of the Montauk Project intersected with the effects of the Philadelphia Experiment. A vortex was opened up between the years 1943 and 1984.

An echo of the U.S.S. Eldrige appeared and vanished. One of the sailors from the Eldrige was stranded in the year 1984 at Montauk. According to scientists working on the Montauk Project, the vortex between Montauk and Philadelphia was staying open because it was still being controlled by the generators powering the electro-magnetic coils on the Eldrige in 1943.

If the vortex had stayed open, the 1984 Earth would have been pulled into hyperdimensonal space and destroyed as it passed through the vortex and collided with the 1943 Earth. The sailor from the Eldrige was convinced to go back through the vortex to the U.S.S. Eldrige in 1943 and shut down the generators. He went back and destroyed several vacuum tube arrays for the circuity running the 1943 experiment. He then vanished, never to be seen again.

Although the vortex was closed between Philadelphia 1943 and Montauk 1984, a permanent "temporal axis" was left between the two sites, stretching from Philadelphia, across New Jersey and across the Atlantic Ocean, just ten miles south of Long Island until it reached Montauk. Now we get to July 17th, 1996.

As TWA Flight 800 was rising to 13,000 feet, it was also intersecting with this "temporal axis". At the moment TWA Flight 800 intersected, the transponder was continuously sending a signal to JFK International Tower, giving it's location on the Air Traffic Control Screens. This signal was at the exact same harmonic frequency as the temporal distortion caused by HAARP and EISCAT over the Atlantic. The temporal distortion became naturally attracted to the harmonic signal emanating from the TWA's transponder and "quantum leaped" from it's original site to cross the "temporal axis" at a 90 degree angle, at the exact point in which TWA Flight 800 intersected with it.

An orange streak of light became visible as the temporal distortion appeared from it's quantum leap and then shortened it's length down to the plane from both directions. The rift tore through the plane, destroying the transponder and causing a massive explosion of molten metal that punctured the center fuel tank. This is why some witnesses say the streak of light came from above (the meteor theory) or it rose from below (the missile theory) and why there has been no evidence of a bomb, missile or mechanical failure. The first "booming" sound heard by witnesses was the temporal rift destroying the center fuel tank and the second sound was the wing tanks beginning to explode.

The destruction of the center fuel tank caused the chain reaction explosion through out the fuel tanks in the wings while the plane plummeted to the Atlantic, killing all 230 people on board. At the exact same moment of the destruction of Flight 800, an echo of the U.S.S. Eldrige appeared on the Atlantic, 13,000 feet directly underneath the plane. The Eldrige appearance explains why there were reports of a ship in the area near Flight 800 and then discounted by the Government as conjecture by the media.

There have been periodic after effects of this juncture with the most recent reappearance of the rift appearing near a Pakistani airliner on November 16th, 1996 while it followed the same path as Flight 800. The transponder of the Pakistani Airliner temporarily reactivated the temporal rift. The rift was activated again by a Canadian Airlines 747 on December 13th, 1996.

The current news stories are telling us that there was a spark near an air conditioning unit (what the hell does air conditioning have to do with the center fuel tank anyways?) that set off the explosion, what's not being told is the "spark" the authorities are not telling us about is the rupture in the space time continuum.

This is the true story that needs to be told and the doors must be opened on the secrecy surrounding top secret Unified Field Theory projects before more deaths are caused.

Let the truth be known.