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Area 51
The Secret UFO Base
Nellis Range, Groom Lake, Dreamland
the most famous top-secret 
military base in the world
where the US government
supposedly reverse engineers 
captured alien spacecraft

Nestled in the most 
inhospitable desert mountains 
just north of Las Vegas, Nevada
the alleged source of black helicopters, 
cattle mutilations and Men in Black
civilian workers are shuttled daily 
in generic jets and busses, 
with blacked out windows.

Some speculate that revealing 
the existence and purpose 
of Area 51 was intentional,
a distraction away from other bases 
and for some even darker political reasons.

The 51st State
There's lots of wide open spaces in the wild west, and one thing a Flying Saucer needs is Space. A short plane ride north of Las Vegas, in the American western desert, is perhaps the world's most famous Top Secret Military Base to which hundreds of civillians commute daily (via private jumbo jets from Las Vegas). Birthplace of the Stealth Bomber and many other rumored state of the art aerospace technologies, Area 51 has intrigued UFO hunters for decades.

When the US military acquired real flying saucers, they sat on them and tried to recreate some of the gadgets inside. The vessels were found to be capable of some very amazing feats, right out of sci-fi and into Hangar 18. Among them were: dangerous beams of light (lasers), floating in midair (antigravity), invulnerable metals as light as a feather - and stealth, the ability to remain undetected by any radar technology currently available !

UFO debunkers point to this military installation as proof that all UFOs are merely Top Secret military projects, involving technologies that the government simply doesn't want to fall into the wrong hands. Conspiracy theorists however, claim that this proves exactly their case ~ that the US Government has been back engineering found Alien Technology, trying to develop Flying Saucers of their own, and some swear they've definately succeeded.

A Tale of Area 51
The son of a local resident has come forward
with a tale of UFOs and government cover ups !

Area 51 Warning Sign
Classified "Above Top Secret," Dreamland is no longer an unknown place, (it's been in the public eye for some time now), but it's still extremely off limits. Heavily guarded night and day, any press and UFO buffs who still congregate for the rare glimpse are warned by ominous signs that say: "Deadly Force is Authorized" !

The roads surrounding Nellis Range are naturally covered with a fine white dust that make any undetected approach by road near impossible. Menacing armed, uniformed soldiers in white jeeps patrol the area's dusty roads and hilltops, chasing away any visitors: especially photographers.

Conspiracy Theory
In the early 1950s, there was a secret pact between many major world governments ~ including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, East and West Germany, and the Soviet Union ~ declaring that any country who recovers a living extra-terrestrial is responsible for its termination. What these countries do with the wreckage is their own business however, and has very much to do with whom their politically aligned. Usually, the artifacts would be sent to either Russia or the US ~ and guess who's ahead in this tech race !

This was during the Cold War, so possession of advanced technologies was even more political and imperative than it is today. But the Aliens didn't want to fuel the flames of an already escalating Arms Race. In one fateful meeting, the Soviet delegates stormed out after a debate over such issues. Perhaps they were angry about Area 51 (and other bases), where it is rumored that Aliens exist on site, and contribute to the construction of Space Technologies for the New Millennium.

Recently, the US Air Force came forward and publicly acknowledged that a secret military base does, in fact, exist in the mountains north of Las Vegas, but they still vehemently deny the existence of any recovered alien spacecraft, stating instead that they had experimented with different types of saucer shaped vehicles during the Cold War, and that anything going on there now is highly classified, for reasons of National Security. But UFO fans point to this as yet another shabby attempt on the part of the military to disperse valid concern with a few well laid facts to add spice and credibility to popular lies.

UFO Comments by the
World's Top Military Leaders

A collection of excerpts and quotations
by top military and intelligence personnel !

1968 Soviet Sattelite Spy Photo of Groom Dry Lake, Nevada, USA
On almost any American map, the area known as Groom Lake, just north of Las Vegas,
seems to be nothing more than a Desert, a dry lake bed and a few dirt roads leading
nowhere. However, on many international maps, the site is shown to be much more,
(even though it's Restricted Airspace, it can easily be seen by Spy Sattelites).
Geological Survey Map of Groom Lake and Nellis Range - Area 51

Millitary Underground
Under the Mountains surrounding Groom Lake, the recently exposed Super Secret Military Base exists for the sole purpose of maintaining, studying, disecting and back engineering found Alien Technology. Even the skeptics have to admit that it's the perfect location for such a facility. Some reports claim that the indescribably huge "Space Base" (that can withstand a nuclear attack) was built with help from ETs, and is linked to much older bases that the ETs built here many thousands of years ago ~ it is well within Anasazi territory, an ancient American people who simply disappeared. The word Anasazi means "Ancient Aliens" to the Navajo, who have many spooky legends about their mysterious ruins (some of them sound like modern UFO Sightings and Alien Abduction reports).

Rumors have surfaced of Aliens living on the site and that an aggreement was reached that the US Government will look the other way as far as Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, and the many easily dismissable UFO Sightings, (after all, only nuts and crackpots really believe in such things), in exchange for further Technological Advances for which there is no Earthly comparison.

People who live nearby or used to work there, (back engineering UFO technology, etc.) have been threatened with their very lives not to discuss what they've seen. Some witnesses were told that if they breathed a word to anybody, their unrecognizable bleached bones would be found in the desert many years in the future. Hence, most recollections come as former workers are on their death bed, and so are difficult to analyze fully.

Majestic 12 Documents
Top Secret memos regarding the early Cold War
UFO policies of the US Intelligence community !

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