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Sentient Species
If the evolution of life 
can possibly happen on 
worlds besides our own
it has probably been 
going on for many 
billions of years.

On our own tiny blue world
as we are now just discovering
wherever life can possibly evolve
it seems to do so - and even thrive.

The Little Green Men
of classic science fiction
are today more often gray
but in real life
are also known 
to come in blue, 
red, orange, yellow 
and multicolored varieties.
They are short and tall
- insects and lizards -
and even humanoids
so very much like us
but with 
special abilities
enhanced senses
intellect - lifespans

Apparently, they've been visiting 
for far longer than we yet know
influencing our early civilizations
but now that we know them 
for what they truly are
will we be able to meet 
our gods and demons 
as fellow beings ?

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