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Mass Sightings
On July 11, 1991, during the last
Total Solar Eclipse of the 20th century,
thousands of people witnessed clusters of
silver UFOs floating over the skies of Mexico City
inspiring a media frenzy which lasted for weeks.
This was only the beginning of an ongoing flap
with occasional mass sightings ever since.

The objects typically
hover at high elevations
and appear to be made of metal
- silvery, reflective, but less than solid -
as if in a state of flux or somehow phased.
These are not weather balloons or geese.
Their cloaking devices are malfunctioning.
The objects appear clearly on radar and
can be tracked until they suddenly vanish
sometimes minutes, sometimes hours later.
Airline pilots and local air traffic controlers
encounter the phenomenon almost daily
but are understandably hesitant
to admit this publicly.

But why a metropolis of 20 million people?
50 km northeast are the ruins of Teotihuacan
an ancient Aztec/Mayan city of giant pyramids
which are geometrically aligned to each other
oriented and dedicated to the sun, the moon
and the 8 major planets of our solar system.

Also, just 65 km to the southeast is
the semi-active volcano, Popocatepetl.
That the objects have been witnesseed
flying into and out of the smoldering cone
suggest a perhaps more rational explanation:
pockets of volcanic gasses, containing sulfur,
argon, helium, neon, mercury, methane and
other substances, which somehow combine
to form such bubbles in the atmosphere...
but if this is the case, it is an entirely new,
unknown and unheardof phenomenon.

Perhaps the aliens are somehow quieting it,
gallantly preventing the catastrophic eruption
that's been threatening the city for centuries,
or maybe that's what is making them visible.

No communication with aliens has been reported.
As to their seeminmgly random appearances
either they can do nothing about it
or it is of no concern to them.

The Phoenix Lights
In the early evening of March 13, 1997, thousands of people witnessed a very large V-shaped object, flying very low and very slow, almost hovering, nearly skimming the rooftops of their homes in the outlying suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. Dozens took pictures or videotaped what everyone out of doors was amazed to find themselves staring at, and pointing to, in the normally clear desert skies of the American Southwest. And millions worldwide watched, on local and national news, that night and for weeks afterwards, as several confessed former skeptics excitedly came forward as witnesses to the unbelievable event. As important as it sounds, the headline "Giant UFO Hovers Silently Over Phoenix" seems all but forgotten today.
Eyewitness Computer Illustration of the Phoenix Lights
Eyewitness Computer Illustration
of the Phoenix Lights event
A record number of calls were made that night, to 911 and local radio and TV stations. Local news broadcasts ran it as the top story for weeks, and it was to eventually receive international attention as the biggest thing since Roswell, just months before the 50th anniversary of the event, which brought thousands to the remote, and normally relatively quiet, arid outpost of civilization. As with Roswell, the US Air Force responded in predictable character - first with silence, then a story of a "training mission" (the lights were flares), then total silence again. Finally, the governor of Arizona, obviously tiring of the commotion, held a press conference, seemingly serious at first, but ultimately poking fun at the incident - when an aide appeared from backstage, in an alien Halloween costume, on live television, to supposedly take questions from the press on intergalactic affairs. Despite protests, public outcry for official investigations and all other imaginable endeavors to get to the bottom of this, whatever it is; the matter, for now, at least publicly, has been successfully swept under the rug by the powers that be - and predictably, people who believe that the Phoenix Lights were a UFO, even those who saw it with their own eyes, are made to look and feel silly in the aftermath. But eyewitnesses stick to their story of what they saw floating just 100 feet over their heads, as big as two football fields, moving about 30 miles per hour, without a sound, blotting out the stars behind it, and the five artificial lights (each approximately seven feet across) without glare or glow - that seemed to some not designed for illumination, but what kept the thing aloft - antigravity devices.
Eyewitness accounts of Phoenix Lights - audio transcript
from: CNN - What were those lights in the Phoenix sky?
Tim Ley and his family, who live in the Sunny Slope Mountains, north of Phoenix, AZ, described an immense, dark, V-shaped craft flying very slow and low overhead. The following are their words taken verbatim from the KSAZ local TV interview.

Tim: "It was a giant V, alright ? ..... And the right side of the V went over us. The left side was like a couple blocks over."

Bobbi: "We just didn't know what to do, you know ?† It was just like, `My God, how big is this thing ?` †It didn't seem threatening because when it was right overhead and we couldn't hear a sound, it was like you're just awestruck,"

Their younger son said that it took approximately 15 minutes for the strange craft to go from where they first noticed it, to the point where they couldn't see it anymore. Their older son, Hal, said that it flew so low, he thought he could've hit it with a tennis ball.

Hal: "It was very close. I just coulda nailed it."

Tim: "The left side went right over my wife and I, and there was no light on the ground, but I could see up inside that it was almost like a recess and it had fluorescent like light inside like a gas light of some kind."

Hal: "And you could see right through the middle of it, but it was like looking through two way glass, like a through mirage that you see on the highway or something - or just when it's so hot. Right there though, you could see through, but there was no light comin' back or anything like that. It was just really weird."

Amateur Video of the Phoenix Lights
Tim Ley and family
Computer Animation of V-shaped Craft

Tim Ley Recounts
The Phoenix Lights

The Tim Ley family - eyewitnesses of 3/13/97
Arizona UFO flyover event called "Phoenix Lights"

The craft was also seen in Prescott, Arizona - about 85 miles northwest of Phoenix - shortly prior to the mass sighting over Phoenix. According to Tim Ley (perhaps the most famous witness to the event) two witnesses, "had seen a V formation of 5 lights passing over them slowly and silently which then transformed into an arc pattern and sped away rapidly towards Phoenix in the southeast." Unconfirmed reports place the V shape in New Mexico, to the east, some time after the Phoenix sightings.
 Phoenix Lights - video still - Tom King
Phoenix Lights - video still - Tom King
It seems the craft originated in the direction of Area 51 - but could it really be one of ours? More likely, some say: this was too perfect to be anything other than an alien craft, either landing or departing the planet, citing evidence of alien presence at military bases throughout the world. But the US Government is known to have been dabbling with invisibility ever since the Philadelphia Experiment. This most famous of attempts, and debacles, occurred shortly after the Roswell incident. The ability to cloak, or super stealth, is still considered of vital national security, especially in the event of war. Could the US military, or even an alien allied power, have deliberately allowed the impossible vehicle to be seen publicly? Like a strategic leak to the press, the deliberate revealing of current state of the art military technologies - and specifically who possesses it, meant to be seen by potential enemies - is not unheard of, even in modern times. And the early spring of 1997 was a very interesting, pivotal juncture in world politics. Many are surprised the events of 911 (or something like it) didnít happen sooner. Could the US have been showing its hand - flexing its muscles before other world governments and hostile powers?
 Phoenix Lights - video still
Phoenix Lights - video still
Triangle and V shaped craft have been sighted enough over the years to merit their own category in Ufology. In recent years, several aircraft have been deemed declassified and found their way into active service. Perhaps the most famous of which being the instantly impressive and equally triangular, delta-winged Stealth Fighter and Stealth Bomber - one of which was shot down over Kosovo in 1999. If this is what the future has in store, military aircraft fans are tempted to wonder what else they're working on. Ufologists speculate that planes of this type have been well in the works for quite some time - even that a kind of "cloaking device" has been copied from downed UFOs, making planes invisible to the human eye as well as radar (citing the Philadelphia Experiment). If true, in this case, it failed - for all the world to see.
Witnesses describe a "feel" to the thing, besides chills running up their back - and that the stars around it seemed distorted, like a heat mirage "almost as if looking through a very thick glass" - adding further support to the theory that some sort of magnetic or antigravity field was in operation. Tim Ley recalls that the stars between the arms were "noticeably different from the look of the stars in the rest of the sky," and adds, "I had the thought that I was looking at some kind of field that tricked my eyes into seeing around whatever was up inside between the two arms of the craft. I thought that there was more up above me than I was actually seeing." The bending of light around an object, or projecting light through an object, would be the ultimate cloaking device - and is where most theoretical physicists start when asked to envision the possible reality of such things usually relegated to science fiction. Perhaps the distortion was evidence that the alleged cloak was malfunctioning - possibly due to a incongruity with the antigravity devices, or even having something to do with the close proximity to the ground.
Ley remarks that when he got a good look at one of the lights as it passed directly overhead, "the surface itself seemed to be holding the light inside and reminded me of the surface-tension effect you see at the top of a overfilled glass of liquid." He continues. "the light on the surface was like reflected light, and must have had its source inside the well as if the light inside could not escape and we were just seeing a reflection of it on the surface of whatever type of field was holding it in." As the giant V passed, Ley could not determine its thickness, thought the lights viewed edge on appeared to momentarily split into two, with complimentary wave distortions.
 leading light
leading light
Could the huge Phoenix Lights spaceship have possibly been just a single part of a much larger vessel - whose cloak had somehow malfunctioned in just that one small section? Ley recounts that as the ship passed out into the distance, his wife said that she saw a "dome-shaped bulge in the middle on the top of the craft, which appeared to be picking up some of the city and parkway lights below and reflecting them off of its surface. We knew there was more to this craft than just a simple V shape with lights in it. We later thought it must be a peculiarity of the visual stealth that at certain angles of view, you can see light reflect off of it."
 Video Still of Phoenix Lights - Krysten Family
Video Still of Phoenix Lights - Krysten Family
Witnesses are convinced that the vessel was not of this earth - and could not have been manufactured or explained by any contemporary technology. In the words of Tim Ley, "What we saw is impossible, and yet we did see it." At the same time, he describes it as having been, "so geometrical and acted under such absolute control, that I had the overwhelming impression that it was of human origin." His overwhelming impression was that these visitors are here to help our world.
In addition to visual "cloaking," there was a distinct lack of sound emanating from the craft - moreso than a simple lack of engines powering the vehicle, it seemed that the wind itself had been completely muffled - as if an "audio cloak" were also in place. Though attributed to a simple natural by-product of the operational fields, it cannot be discounted that a device of this type would be considered by the military to be the ultimate stealth weapon. Is this a preview, or prelude, to 21st century or third millennium technology?

This brings to light many "Big Brother" questions. If this was a malfunctioning cloak, an example of highly advanced technology - how many ships like this are right now flying low altitude patrols, only hundreds of feet above our homes? Without question, we are being watched. That message had been broadcast loud and clear. But we are left to wonder by who - and why.

 Map of Phoenix Lights sightings - USA Today  Example of Military Flares - Feb 1999
Partial map of Phoenix Lights Incident, from USA Today,
published three months afterward, on June 18, 1997 ~ and
photograph of flares dropped at Fort Hood, near Waco, Texas
from an A-10 Warthog aircraft on February 8th, 1999 (right),
Note uneven formation, smoke trails and intensity of glow
Ten months later, in January of 1998, a series of similar UFO sightings were reported in the same area. The lights appeared amber in color, and independent of each other, as they performed many typically fantastic and acrobatic UFO maneuvers that could not be accounted for by any known type of earthbound aircraft, or even military flares. A growing UFO community in Phoenix was alerted to the phenomenon, and began filing outside their homes to witness and videotape the event. But this time the Air Force was ready with more official sounding explanations, and the media was quick to downplay the incident.

The American Southwest is fraught with ancient superstitions and legends of native people, and perhaps the most intriguing is that of the tribe known as the Anasazi - which is a Navajo word meaning (loosely) "ancient aliens" or "ancestral enemy" - who inhabited the area during the middle ages and mysteriously disappeared without a trace, but left fantastic structures and a vast system of roads. Their culture is yet another of many ancient civilizations whose culture was based on the stars - and beings, or gods, who lived in and sometimes came down from the sky.

Phoenix Lights - Two Years Later
National UFO Reporting Center Special Report
Recounting the facts of the case in evidence.

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