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Kidnapped by Space Aliens

are visiting us 
from other worlds. 

and some of us 
have been taken 
aboard their ships

in recent years
more and more people 
are claiming to have been
abducted by aliens

Earthlings are being removed 
from their beds, while sleeping
- from their cars, while driving -
usually, without their knowledge
the supposed reasons ranging 
from simple curiosity to 
the ongoing long term 
artificial evolution 
of our species
dating back to
the missing link

In any case
for all the highly 
ridiculed claims
there seems to be nothing 
we can do about it at all

One of the first 
and most famous 
abductees, Betty Hill,
found the unique and 
bold opportunity to ask 
an alien, "why are you 
doing this to us?" 

The creature replied, 
"your own scientists 
experiment on lesser 
creatures, so how is 
this any different?" 

Betty and Barney Hill - and their Abductor
Betty Hill's Hypnotic Regression Starmap - and Zeta Reticuli Extrapolation

Whitley Streiber

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