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from other planets
have landed on Planet Earth
and the governments of the world
are trying to figure out how they work

Top Secret bases
built underneath remote
and hollowed out mountains
with Aliens living on site
helping us Humans
to win the new
Space Race

most UFO sightings
at least the more recent ones
are actually Top Secret
Government projects
and the US Air Force
is always working on
experimental aircraft
- stealth bombers -
- stealth fighters -
- spy planes -
reconnaissance vehicles
a better weather balloon

- premptive propaganda, perhaps -
don't even try
to shoot down
a flying saucer

but where did they get the idea
for stuff like that
in the first place? 

The Philidelphia Experiment
Ever since WWII, military technology has taken a sharp turn upward. Perhaps coicidentally, it is during this time that reports of "Foo Fighters," flying circles around pilots during missions over Europe and the Pacific, reveal to investigators that the UFO phenomenon did not start with Roswell in 1947. Also early in the 20th century, Tesla had found a (politically unpopular) way to provide free electricity to the world, using the Earth's magnetic field ~ and Albert Einstein's "Unified Field Theory for Gravitation and Electricity" was originally published in a mid 1920s Prussian scientific journal, (later withdrawn as "incomplete"). Whether from found Alien technology, or an adolescent society stumbling with unpredictable cosmic forces, the stories are mixed, and the investigation is murky at best (Naval records place the Eldridge in the Bermuda Triangle at the time). In reality, the project may likely have been the result of "comparing notes" between cutting edge scientific theory and found Alien artifact application.
The Philidelphia Experiment
from: The Philadelphia
Experiment from A-Z
Because the UFOs had the uncanny ability to evade electronic detection, the Navy decided it might be nice if their ships could be made invisible to radar as well. This would be a definite advantage over the Axis powers ~ especially if they could put the things on airplanes. In theory, the device was supposed to simply absorb radar signals (or bend the radiation waves around a magnetic field) thereby reflecting nothing back to the source, so the ship would therefore not show up as a blip on enemy screens.

In the autumn of 1943 the US Navy's "Project Rainbow" involved an American destroyer, the USS Eldridge, in an experiment to make it radar proof ~ but something went terribly wrong. Any prior test experiments would not have involved the massive electromagnetic coils and generators that were used on the Eldridge. In the era that bore the Atomic Bomb, the nature of science (especially physics) was haunted by urgent tactical necessity. Maybe the vast volume of water (an excellent conductor) that the ocean presented, brought new variables into the equation, and thus changed the nature of the phenomenon. But when they threw the switch, instead of simply disappearing off radar screens, the ship literally disappeared from optical view. When the generators were shut down, the ship reappeared, and the crew came back ~ but all were extremely exhausted and had to be replaced.

A second experiment, a few weeks later, was supposed to be tamed down ~ just the radar invisibility this time, for now anyways. This time the ship vanished also however, and became instantaneously teleported hundreds of miles away to Norfolk, Virginia (a port where it had recently been). When it came back a few minutes later, many of the crew was missing, and some had "phased" into bulkheads ~ not a good way to die. Years later, in a midwestern bar, dazed seamen in old style uniforms appeared "out of thin air" They seemed as astonished as the patrons who witnessed them come and go. Apparently, the Eldridge and her crew were victims of unexplored realms, the fine print of the laws of physics.

TWA Flight 800, HAARP and
the Philadelphia Experiment

The US Military's Unified Field experiments
from a source who shall remain anonymous !

The Sport Model
Since he came forward nationally with his amazing claims, Bob Lazar no longer exists. The hospital where he was born, the schools and Universities which he attended and recieved his degrees (Masters in Physics from MIT and in Electronics from Cal Tech), all suddenly have absolutely no records whatsoever of him even attending. All concerned agencies have disavowed any associations with him, and though much proof abounds, denied that he was ever employed. He has even been jailed on erronious charges, ranging from drugs to prostitution in 1990, thereby effectively ruining his credibility.
Bob Lazar's Scale Diagram of the Flying Saucer he studied at Area 51
A disc may be the perfect shape to travel through hyperspace.
from: Alien Contact by Timothy Good
In this section are the words of scientist Bob Lazar, a former physicist at Area 51 - hired by the US Government and various aerospace contractors to back engineer saucer shaped craft, that many (including Lazar) believe is found Alien Technology. A poster at the facility was of a UFO, very much like the one above. The caption read "They Are Here."
Inside the Craft
It was all the same color as the outside: I guess a dull aluminum finish is the best way I could describe it. There's a central column that goes up the center of the disc. The wall inside - the inner skin of the ship - has (sloped) archways in it, almost like Spanish style homes, that go all the way around the wall. Whether that's bracing or not, I don't know. There were components removed, like a console of some sort was taken off. There were just a few chairs and another console that was left inside, and the reactor.

The door was removed, and there were no hinges that were obvious.... The edges were layered, so maybe something could fit in there. And there were a couple of steps leading up to that that were not provided by the craft. And when you first walk in the craft, that opening extends beyond the first floor. In other words, if you were looking straight into the door, you would see the honeycomb, bottom level, which you could grab on the side and lift up, and that provides access down.

It was beyond being rounded, it was like it was almost melted. It looked like it's made of wax and heated for a time and then cooled off. Everything has a soft round edge to it; there's no abrupt changes in anything. It looked like everything was cast out of one piece. The chairs are only like a foot or a foot and a half off the ground. It looked like it was made for little kids.

Vastly Superior Alien Technology
Inside the Reactor, Element 115 is bombarded with a Proton which plugs into the nucleus of the 115 atom and becomes Element 116, which immediately decays and releases, or radiates, small ammounts of Antimatter.

The Antimatter is released into a tuned tube which keeps it from reacting to the Matter that surrounds it. It is then directed towards a gaseous Matter target at the end of the tube. The Matter and Antimatter collide and annihilate, totally converting into Energy. The heat from this reaction is converted into electrical energy in a near 100% efficient Thermoelectric Generator.

Element 115 does not exist on Earth - and cannot be synthesized - because it is a Superheavy Element. All indications are that it is found naturally, and it seems that it would have to occur naturally, in a place where there would be a much larger star - maybe a Binary Star, in an area where there's been a Supernova - someplace where there's been a sufficient energy release to synthesize such a heavy element. To go so high up the chart, artificial production is not economically feasible. In a cloud chamber, used to track the path of Nuclear Particles - Alpha Particles in particular - over the path of solid objects, it was found that the Gravitational Force of the Element changed the path of the Particle.... The craft does not create an Antigravity Field. It's a Gravitational field that's out of phase with the current one. It's the same Gravitational wave. The phases vary from 180 degrees to zero... in a Longitudinal propogation.

Interstellar Travel
Assuming they're in Space, they will focus the three Gravity Generators on the point they want to go to. Now, to give an analogy: If you take a thin rubber sheet, say, lay it on a table and put thumbtacks in each corner, then take a big stone and set it on one end and say that's your spacecraft, you pick out a point that you want to go - which could be anywhere on the rubber sheet - pinch that point with your fingers and pull it all the way up to the craft. That's how it focuses and pulls that point to it. When you shut off the Gravity Generators, the stone (or Spacecraft) follows that stretched rubber back to its point. There's no linear travel through Space; it actually bends Space and Time and follows Space as it retracts.
Bob Lazar's Scale Diagram of
Matter-Antimatter Reactor

Quantum Entanglement
vs Uncertainty Principle

A stunning revision of quantum theory,
Quantum Particle Ghosting, might explain why
SETI has thus far failed to find any ET signals !

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