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Flying Saucers
Lights in
the Sky

Venus, swamp gas, 
ball lightning, the Moon 
all are viable explanations 
for the witnessed phenomena
but none of those ordinary things
move suddenly, intelligently 
or so quickly across the sky
- and none them land -

Anyone who has seen one
knows exactly what they saw
but isn't quite sure what it was
- or how to explain it -

Reports of 
flying objects
appear in our 
most ancient 

Is it really
so hard to 

Gulf Breeze

Several of the more famous Gulf Breeze photos, by Ed Walters
widely considered to be a hoax my most ufologists, but never proven.

British Columbia, 1981
From: UFO: The Complete Sightings
by Peter Brookesmith - p. 122
UFO caught by chance on film by Hannah McRoberts in British Columbia, Canada on 8 October 1981. She, her husband and 19-month-old daughter stopped near the Eve River, north of Kelsey Bay, Vancouver Island, on a journey to Holberg. Mrs. Roberts decided to photograph the scenery, and the couple were joking between themselves as she did so. Neither realized the UFO had been present until they saw the developed film. The frame is the only one on the roll showing a UFO. After various tests, Richard F. Haines concluded that the image had not been faked nor the film damaged, and calculated that if the UFO had been directly over the mountaintop, it would have been 123 feet (37.5 m) across. What, then, was it?
British Columbia, 1981

J Allen Hynek

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